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    The Big Tech Conspiracy That Wasn’t

    You againOnce you show you like something, I offer you more of it.

    Is this a conspiracy?

    Not unless I’m a scaled Web site. Because this is at the heart of the charge against “Big Tech,” the companies I call Cloud Czars.

    • Show a preference for certain videos on YouTube and YouTube offers you more videos like them.
    • “Like” things on Facebook or Instagram, and you will get more things like them.
    • Follow certain celebrities on Twitter, you’re offered more like them.
    • The same with Amazon Kindle books. When you buy something from Amazon, you’ll be followed for days by ads offering the same thing.

    The algorithms follow human nature. Chances are that if you like a book about 12th century monks who solve murders, you might like another one. If you like Henry Winkler, you’ll probably like Ron Howard.

    The problem is that if you like crazy conspiracy theories on Instagram, or videos describing the terrors of the Illuminati on YouTube, you’ll get more of them. Like those, you’ll get more. And more and more.

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